Ecker Jeff

Ecker Jeff

Academic Qualifications

1993 FAOrthoA (Fellow Australian Orthopaedic Association)

1986 FRACS (Orthopaedics)

1978 MBBS (WA)

1974 BMedSC (Hons) (UWA)

Education and Training 

1988 - 1989 Fellowship Microvascular Surgery University of Southern California - California, USA

1987 - 1988 Fellowship in Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery Duke University North Carolina, USA

1986 - 1987 Senior Registrar Hand Upper Limb & Orthopaedics Oxford University, UK 

1986 (6 months) Registrar – Plastic Surgery Perth, Australia

1982 - 1985 Orthopaedic Training Program Western Australia Elective, trauma, paediatric & spinal orthopaedic surgery. 3-month term as Orthopaedic Surgeon. All major teaching hospitals in Perth, WA and the remote North West of Australia.

1981 (12 months) Orthopaedic Service Registrar Perth, Australia 

1980 (6 months) Registrar Neurosurgery Perth, Australia

1980 Senior Registrar Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology Perth, Australia

1979 Junior Resident Neurosurgery, General Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Country Allocation. Kalgoorlie, Australia

1978 Intern Respiratory Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery (elective), Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine Perth, Australia 


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  13. Ecker, J., & Sikorski, J. (1983). Nutritional Deficiency in Multiple Fractures in the Elderly.
    Published in the Proceedings of the J.B.J.S. [B] – 1983.
  14. Ecker J., & Bedbrook, Sir G. (1983). Surgery for Back Pain in Adults with Scoliosis.
    Western Pacific Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Awards & Honours

  • 2009 Hall of Fame, Tournament Division, Western Australia Water Skiing Association
  • 1987 Hadley Travelling Fellowship, University of Western Australia.
  • 1984 Zimmer Hudspeth Orthopaedic Registrar's Prize.
  • 1984 Howmedica Prize for best paper at the 1984 Australian Orthopaedic Registrars Conference
  • 1976 Carnation Milk Prize for Paediatrics
  • 1974 National Health and Medical Research Council Scholarship
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