Coert Jan Hendrik

Coert Jan Hendrik

1. Personal information

Coert Jan Hendrik

Title: M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Date of birth: 16 april 1967
Nationality: Dutch

2. Academic education and degrees 

1985-1990 Erasmus University, School of Medicine: B.Sc.

1990-1992 Erasmus University, School of Medicine: M.D., Cum Laude

1994-1998 Leiden University Medical Center/ Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis (Den Haag): residency general surgery

1997 United States Medical Licensing Exam (ECFMG) Step 1

1998 United States Medical Licensing Exam (ECFMG) Step 2

1998-2001 University Medical Center Groningen: residency plastic surgery

2002-2003 New York University Medical Center/ Mount Sinai University Medical Center: ACGME hand surgery fellowship

2003 United States Medical Licensing Exam (ECFMG) (certificate valid indefinitely)

2006 Management of Peripheral Nerve Problems, University of Groningen, Ph.D.

2008 Dutch National Radiation Protection course level 4A/M for physicians

2015 Professor, University Utrecht

2018 BROK certification (Dutch equivalent: Good Clinical Practice)

3. Appointments

1992 Junior researcher, Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory, Dept. Orthopedics and Hand Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
Researcher, Dept. Plastic Surgery, Raymond Curtis Microvascular Laboratory, Union Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital, School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

1993 Attending Physician Division Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, Department Surgery, Groningen University Medical Center

2001 - 2013 Plastic surgeon/hand fellow, Institute Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, New York University Medical Center

2003 - 2015 Attending Physician, Plastic Surgery and Surgery of the Hand, Sint Franciscus Gasthuis

2003 - 2015 Attending Physician Institute Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, Erasmus University Medical Center

2008 - 2015 Medical manager, department of Plastic Surgery, Sint Franciscus Gasthuis

2011 - 2015 Head, section of hand surgery, Erasmus University Medical Center

2011 - 2015 Supervisor, Radiation Committee , department of Plastic Surgery, Erasmus University Medical Center

2015 - present Chairman, Department Plastic Surgery, University Medical Center Utrecht

2016 - 2018 Vice-director, Residency Program, Department Plastic Surgery, University Medical Center Utrecht

4. Short description of current research

Nerve related research:

  • prevention of muscle atrophy is being studied in a rodent model and in a clinical trial
  • prospective studies on the surgical management of nerve pain
  • studies on the incidence of neuropathic pain
  • Detection of early loss of foot sensation in diabetic neuropathy
  • Development of screening tools to detect sensory loss in diabetic patients (at risk)
  • Selection of diabetic patients for surgical treatment
  • prospective study on the treatment of recurrent cubital tunnel

Tendon related research:

  • the influence of annular pulley injury on tendon bowstringing is being studied in vitro
  • MRI imaging of flexor tendon repair in vivo (MUSC) - Anatomy related research:
  • the anatomical variation of cutaneous forearm nerves are being studied in vitro in relation pain
  • relation of common surgical approaches and nerve injuries is being studied

Osteo-arthritis research:

  • MRI imaging of basal joint arthritis (MUSC)
  • MRI imaging of hand osteo-arthritis (MUSC)
  • Arthroscopy/ outcome basal joint arthritis/Kienbock

European Delphi study:

  • Development of treatment guidelines for five common hand disorder (in collaboration with FESSH & EFSHT) - Arthroscopy:
  • Prospective evaluation of surgical techniques
  • Evaluation of complications after wrist arthroscopy
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